Wind Gap Penguins
              Ticket Prices
   Section A,B, and D Prices
 Babies (infants- 2 year olds)- Free!
 Toddlers ( 3 year olds- 5 year olds)-$0.20
 Kids (6 year olds-12 year olds)-$0.90
Teenagers (13 year olds-17 year olds)-$1.50
Adults (18 year olds-59 year olds)-$2.20
Seniors (60 year olds- and up)-$0.90
C section seats are twice as much as regular prices.
#29 Devon Pfeifer       Goaltender   
#87 Elliot Pfeifer         Forward     
Video Game Centre
Home of The Wind Gap Penguins. What else does it possibly need to say? But theres more to it than that. Back in 2007, The Basement of the Arena was filled with tons of arcade games including foosball, airhockey, Wii, and an indoor basketball hoop shooting game. But long since the games have gone. But the name stuck. Every seat in the house gives you a perfect view of the action whether it be the Wind Gap Penguin's, Figure Crawling, or concerts. The basement is pretty bare now, the 1st floor has The Rink and the Devon Snack Shack, and on the 2nd floor is the giftshop, the lockeroom, and the Showers. Always open for business the box office is open anytime online by emailing  . Give Us a Visit!!
Concessions & merchandise By:
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                 Wind Gap Penguin's Kids Club!
Sign Up for the Wind Gap Penguin's Kid club! Children 1 day old-15 year olds may join. The parents of these children will get the 1st crack at the tickets. MAXIMUM OF 10 PARTICIPANTS! You will be informed if you have made the list.Seats that will be on hold will be sections A & B. To attempt to sign-up, email  . Your children will also be offered the opportunity to engage in other various and fun activities with the Wind Gap Penguins.
SIGN UP IS FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wind Gap Monsters
                                 Our Develpomental League Affiliate:
    Wind Gap @ Bangor, Wizards' Lair, Bangor, PA 4/27/12 BR W 25-24
Wind Gap @ Bangor, Wizards' Lair, Bangor, PA 4/29/12 WG W 18-17 OT                                              
           Ticket Packages
Avoid the hassle of constantly ordering tickets. Order packages of tickets to avoid the hassle of ordering tickets and also avoid the danger of not gettting a ticket in a sell out. Ticket packages are based on what tickets for all the games you chose to go to would cost added up (Prices are based on teenage prices; see above in the ticket section. Which is relatively cheap. Each package comes with 2 tickets to each game. You can order 4 tickets for double the price. Packages are available for the Penguins, and Monsters as well. Ticket Package orderers also get combo meals from the Devon Snack Shack. You may also pick the games which you want tickets for. You can order Packages by emailing or by coming to the box office at the Video Game Centre. Prices will go as follows:

12 Game Package: 2 Tickets 2 Fry and Burger Combo Meal- $18.00
10 Game Package: 2 Tickets 2 Fry and Burger Combo Meal- $15.00
6 Game Package: 2 Tickets 2 Fry and Burger Combo Meal- $12.00
3 Game Package: 2 Tickets 2 Fry and Burger Combo Meal- $9.00

Season Tickets are the Ultimate Penguins Package. Season Tickets give you 2 tickets to every Wind Gap Home Game. Wind Gap Season Ticket Holders get to witness every game of the Wind Gap season when they are Home. Season Ticket holders get special free combos from the Devon Snack Shack. Season Tickets are available for The Penguins, Monsters, Americans, Hurricanes, and Alligators.

Wind Gap Penguins- 2 Tickets to every Penguin's Game at Home 2 Large Fry, Burger, and Ice Cream Combo
Wind Gap Monsters- 2 Tickets to every Monster's Game at Home 2 Large Fry, Burger, and Ice Cream Combo
Penguins: $25.00
Monsters: $23.00
Season Tickets are available by emailing  or going to the box office at Video Game Centre
                                              Buy Tickets... and WIN!
Have you ever wondered how to get free season tickets to Wind Gap Penguin Games? Now it's possible for anyone to win. On every Wind Gap Penguin ticket you purchase, there is a special "Lost Code" in the left bottom corner of the ticket. This code is kept on record and will be, along with being on your ticket, be given to you on a slip of paper to ensure that if you lose your ticket, you will still be able to get into the game with the presentation of the slip. This year, one special lost code will be chosen to win FREE SEASON TICKETS TO EVERY PENGUINS HOME GAME! If you see this special lost code, you will be the winner of these tickets. The special lost code will be: 81237497. So start checking your ticket stubs to win!
Testing Our Knowledge Questions (See information and Rules on Eastern Pennsylvania Crawl Hockey's Home Page).

1st Intermission: 1st Grade Social Studies: Who discovered America and what country was he from?
2nd Intermission: 4th Grade Science: What is Chromatography?
End of Game/Overtime: 8th Grade Math: A magazine ad states that 4 out of 7 doctors reccomend Flash Toothpaste. If 1,400 doctors were surveyed, how many reccomended Flash Toothpaste?
1st intermission alternative: 1st Grade Social Studies- What year is the engraving on the Plymouth Rock in Massachussetts?
2nd Intermission alternative: Nicknamed "The Wind Pipe" what part of the body swallows food and allows air into the Broncus Stem in the Lung?
End of Game/Overtime alternative: 8th Grade Math- 5 Hockey Pucks and 3 Hockey Sticks cost $23.00. 5 Hockey pucks and 1 Hockey Stick cost $21.. How Much does 1 Hockey Puck cost?
Friday Nights + Penguins' Home Games = Italian Food!
As of February 9th, 2011, the Penguins are donating Friday Night Home Games to Italian Food! On Friday Nights, you can get real Italian Foods from the Devon Shop. Our prices will also be half off on all Italian foods also. Some of the food is not available on regular nights, so make sure you get your fair share! Below is our Italian Menu for Friday Night Home Games:

A slice of a warm, juicy, and wholesome Italian Pizza, straight from the oven.
A Plate of cheese Ravioli . Option of Alfredo Sauce or Tomato Sauce.
Warm breadsticks with a Garlic topping. Need we say more? Do yourself a favor: Buy 2!
$0.75 or get 2 for $1.25!
It is a stretch from our Italian Menu on Fridays, but then again, what kind of Menu doesn't have Fries? They are really from Belgium, but that doesn't matter, just enjoy some fries.
Warm Mozzeralla cheese surrounded by baked bread crumbs with a side of tomato sauce.
Strings of spaghetti covered in a thick layer of tomato sauce and ground beef meatballs.
Chocolate  Cake with creme and triple choclate. The best in quality Italian Deserts.
The official Ticket, Merchandise, and Concession Provider of the Wind Gap Penguins and the EPACH.
Great Menus and Great entertainment, what else could one ask for? To make sure we have the correct stock of food you must order earlier by emailing with your order and name. There are absolutely NO gurantees for this food if you do not email with your order and name 1st. You can then pick your food up at the Devon Shop concession Stand.
                                                        Wind Gap Annual Games
This year, the 1st EPACH League annual Games will be going on! This consists of Games as you know from the home page. The Wind Gap Penguins are proud to announce we will have Football, Air Hockey, Basketball,Soccer, and Mini Golf team to enter. We would like to thank our players for agreeing to participate. The Games will be beginning in April. Be sure to buy tickets to either Air Hockey,Soccer, or Football. You can tune in on all the sports at this exact spot on the Web (below). Check our schedule below.

 Team and Fan Travel Conditions
This was last updated on January 14th, 2012 at 4:04 PM ET.
     Wind Gap, PA
Penguins enjoy effortless W against Stroudsburg in forfeit win, rocketing them to tied for first in the standings.
 Fine conditions in The Gateway to The Poconos today and tonight, with a bit of overcast with some breaks of sun. However, the temperature will not get above the freezing point, with a high of 31 degrees F, whihc tomorrow will drop all the way down to 15 degrees. To add to it, the wind is adding on a few tacks of feeling temperature as it blows up 17 MPH going East and blwoing from the  west. But if you don't go out doors too much, the day will be okay. travel conditions are perfect and very safe. HAVE A GOOD REST OF THE DAY AND NIGHT!
A fresh turkey or beef patty with 2 slices of chedder cheese, crunchy pickles, ketchup and mustard all between two fresh buns. Can you say Yum!"?
Have a good old classic hot dog with ketchup and mustard between a fresh hot dog bun. Buy two and save!
$0.99 or buy two for $1.25!
Enjoy a slice of Italian Heaven with white cheese and pepperoni.
$0.99 a slice or $5.99 for a box
Tortilla Chips with gooey hot cheese, salsa, and jalepeno peppers. We just sold-out the game.
Crispy or grilled chicken wrapped in soft taco shells drenched in your choice of honey barbeque sauce, ranch, or  hot sauce. You can also have lettuce and cheese for no extra cost.
$0.99 each or buy 2 for $1.25
Warm seasoned potato wedges with a side of melted cheese to dip with.
Crisp and golden french fries with a pinch of not only salt, but our own special touch of pepper.
Small: $0.99
Medium: $1.50
Large: $1.75
Warm chip-steak with melted cheese and pizza sauce of a hoagie roll. Enjoy!
$0.99 a bag
$1.99 a can
                    Game Recap: Pen Argyl

Do you have one of those photos, where you go: "Wow! How cute!"? It's going to pay off now, in The Penguin's Cutest Kid Contest! Just submit your photo to the Penguin's FACEBOOK page and we'll pick the top three to be voted for. Upload as many photos as you like! The winning photo will be displayed on this Site and on Facebook of course. Now, have fun as you scramble to set up a cute photo with your kids!
Listen to the Wind Gap Penguins' Goal Horn!:
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Welcome to The Wind Gap Penguins' Ticket Blog! The Fastest and easiest way to reserve your seats at Video Game Centre for Penguins' Games! Here's all you have to do: Just leave your name, and your email adress and the seats you want reserved and we'll email you the details. Then, just pay at the door and we'll have your tickets waiting there for you and untouched. It's that easy! Note: We can only hold tickets up to 5 minutes into the game. After 5 minutes after the opening faceoff, tickets will be open to the public.

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